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Can You Hear Me Now? Part 1

Building Your First Voice Application with Alexa, C# and Evoq Liquid Content

Every decade or two since the advent of computers, there has been a revolutionary product that fundamentally alters the computing landscape and creates massive new business opportunities. In the 70s this revolution was led by the creation of personal computers and the Apple II, Commodore PET and Tandy TRS-80. In the 80s we saw whole new businesses created as the result of the revolution brought about by the GUI as exemplified by the Mac OS and Windows. In the 90s some of the largest companies in the world were started based on the creation of the World Wide Web and Netscape Navigator. In 2007 the modern mobile computing era was fueled by the creation of touch based devices and the Apple iPhone. In late 2014, Amazon launched a device which I believe marked the start of another innovation wave.

Serverless Blogging

Serverless computing is all the rage today. Services like AWS Lambda and Azure Functions allow you to build applications without worrying about where your code runs or when to scale up and down the resources for your application. While there is a server somewhere that is running your code, you don't have to worry about it. All of the server management details are handled for you and you can focus your effort on just your code.

The Accidental Geek: A New Beginning

In February 2003, I created a new website under the name "The Accidental Geek". This site was built using a new web application framework called IBuySpy Workshop and was a place where I could blog about my technology passions. I never intended to become a geek, but I fell in love with electronics as a young kid, and later moved into programming as computers became more accessible. The name seemed to fit: and the domain was available.